The Quick Trace system is built as a centralised track and trace system for businesses such as pubs, bars, restaurants and other establishments that need to keep track of the customers which are coming through their door.

The centralised nature of the system means that if a customer contracts Covid-19 then they report it via the website and the system alerts all businesses that use the Quick Trace system where the customer has been in the establishment in the past 21 days.

How does this help your business?

The first time a customer uses the app, they are asked to fill in their details which we encrypt into our database. When a customer enters another premise which uses the Quick Trace system then all they need to do is to “Check in” to that business and we record that visit.

If a customer uses the website to report they have symptoms or are diagnosed then we will alert all businesses which the customer has entered in the past 21 days to inform them of possible infection.

We will provide a list of all customers who were in the premises on that day so you can take appropriate action.

The system uses a QR code, which you place at the entrance of your premises. The customer scans this code with their phone and we recognise which business this is associated with to record their visit.

We will give the customer a code to use on the day which the staff can recognise so they know the customer has filled out their details and “Checked in”. This will satisfy the government’s requirements on keeping track of your customers.

How does this help your customers?

Because there is only one place which the customer has to enter their information then there is only one place they need to report they’re unwell. The customer doesn’t need to contact all the establishments they’ve been to in the past 21 days, we keep track of where they have been and alerts all businesses at the same time.

The customer will feel confident that you are doing everything you can to keep them safe by recording all the other customers coming in which creates a more relaxed environment.

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